I have partnered with Ramsey Solutions in order to provide a professional level of service and competency in assisting you in pursuing your financial goals and objectives. We have some great ideas to share with you that seek to provide you with long term dividend income and/or growth potential, as well as planning services. We have the information and tools needed to help you reduce & eliminate debt, establish an emergency fund, invest and build a confident future.

Whatever stage of your financial life you are in today, we are pleased to offer an initial complimentary, no obligation consultation to help you understand how we can help you work towards your financial goals. When you schedule with us, you will meet with a registered professional who has the education and experience to understand your situation no matter how simple or complex.

The SmartVestor program is a directory of investment professionals. Neither Dave Ramsey nor SmartVestor are affiliates of RF Tolbert Wealth Management or LPL Financial.